dog shelter – letter of intent

about the colaboration between Montažstroj Theater and the Shelter for Abandoned Animals-Zagreb for the Art Project “Timbuktu”

The art project from the Montažstroj theatre „ Timbuktu“ is very interesting for the City of Zagreb and the Shelter for abandoned animals. We are ready to take part in it.
The point in which we are very interested is the media promotion of the shelter and the possibility of adopting larger number of our dogs. This would give us even more possibility to participate in the projects of education children in not to abandon animals or live them unprotected and to go on with our work with further education.
The shelter would participate in every performance with 10 or 15 dogs. We would organize our transport with help of our volunteers. We are ready to act in some other institutions if it would be necessary.

Shelter Manager
Tatjana Zajec, DVM

letter of intent_city shelter


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