animal friends croatia – letter of intent

The Animal Friends Croatia association is familiar with Montažstroj’s project named ”Timbuktu” and certainly intends to offer support and aid in its realization and promotion, considering the fact that it is of a great not only cultural but educational importance and may help abandoned dogs.
The problem of abandoning animals is very present in Croatia, and the education of citizens about the importance of dog adoption is insufficient, making the ”Timbuktu” project significant and worthy of our support.
”Timbuktu” can reach citizens of all generations in an interesting way and convey a clear message about the proper care for pets, and care for the weak and powerless in general.
The project also questions the reasons for abandoning animals, giving it even greater value and strength, emphasizing the adoption of animals and speaking against the purchase of ‘products’ that we are likely to dispose of when we no longer find them interesting.
The author clearly demonstrates his intent to introduce an educational value into an interesting cultural event, which gives more meaning, as well as indicates the resourcefulness of the performance and good intentions in the creation of this project.
The Animal Friends Croatia association will help according to its abilities, and extends this recommendation to all those who might support the project, financially or otherwise.


Luka Oman

Zagreb, March 18th, 2008


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