dasarts – final project approval

From: DasArts [mailto:dasarts@dasarts.nl]
Sent: 19. ožujak 2008 15:47
To: Borut
Subject: FP approval

Dear Borut,

We hereby officially approve your DasArts FP proposal “Timbuktu” for Semester 28.

It took a while before you could make a decision between your two FP proposals T-formance and Timbuktu. The quest for a realistic chance to realize T-formance in the Netherlands as a DasArts Final Project and personal circumstances made you hesitant in deciding before. Finally a choice was made in favour of realizing “Timbuktu” in your hometown Zagreb in Croatia.

Timbuktu will be a stage adaptation of the book Timbuktu of Paul Auster. Political and social issues will be raised while finding new ways to formulate storytelling. One of the goals is to re-examine whether life performance is still an exclusively human activity. A monologue interior of the dog Mr. Bones will be used for this.

Using non-actors (the homeless) and non-humans (dogs) as protagonist in a stage performance will make it of course a much more delicate and complex project. Theatre plays with or homeless people or dogs have all to often end up in non-communicative conceptual theatre. We are happy to see that you are aware of this. You are looking for non-conformistic ways to make it possible for the audience to identify with the characters on stage.

During the preparations for the project you will have to be in Croatia quite a lot. We are confident you will keep the communication with DasArts going while being there.

Please note that Lieve needs to approve your budget before you start your FP.
Also please remember the following: DasArts and its subtitle ‘Advanced Studies in the Performing Arts’ have to be mentioned in all publications related to your project (programmes, announcements, etc.).

Your presence during all Chips & Dips meetings is requested as part of your development: both to present the progress you are making on your FP and to actively participate in mutual discussions on your fellow students’ IT/FP’s. You should visit your advisor on a regular basis throughout the entire semester.

Enjoy searching and finding!

On behalf of DasArts,

Harco Haagsma
Dramaturge New Media


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