sanjin dragojevic – to whom it may concern

With this letter of recommendation I commend the Montazstroj performance group and its Timbuktu project. During its long-lasting activity, Montazstroj developed and managed to retain a very specific position on the Croatian cultural and theatrical scene. From the very beginning it specialized in creating a different theater, and soon became attractive to the wider public. Its projects are mostly intended for the younger generation and all those who never made a habit out of going to the theater. Montažstroj is dedicated to art that asks questions, instead of explaining or giving easily acceptable answers. In the center of interest is the esthetic refusal of routine forms of representation, the introduction of a different quality of performer presence on the scene, and the inclusion of diverse media and their interaction in the creation of an artwork. It is this innovative quality that is recognizable internationally, making Montažstroj a Croatian brand and a unique cultural export product. Through its long-term activity Montazstroj proves again and again a professional courage and determination to touch upon existing and relevant social issues. Considering its projects are primarily exploratory in character, the final result is, in the sense of form and content, always unpredictable and exciting.
The newest project, Timbuktu, establishes an especially interesting concept, because it tries to think up new ways of representing a story on the scene, and do it in a politically effective manner. The fact that this play is primarily intended for children and youth makes this mission even more sensitive. By putting forward accessible information about the social exclusion issue, this play directly advocates a change in social perception. The engagement of marginalized groups of people and the planned educational activity promote social responsibility and the strengthening of tolerance. The large number of institutional protagonists included in the project testifies to the complexity of the forthcoming mission, and an exceptional organizational capability is already visible in their successful mobilization. It is that which represents one of the pledges for the success of this project.

Sanjin Dragojević, Ph. D.
lecturer of cultural policy
Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb


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