boris gerrets – to whom it may concern

Amsterdam, 14.04.2008.

Dear Madam, Sir,

I am writing this as a letter of support for Mr. Borut Separovic. I know Mr. Separovic from my work as mentor and advisor at the DasArts Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Performing Arts.
Mr. Separovic has for many years been making cutting edge Theatre in Croatia. His tireless drive for innovation and questioning of the theatrical form has lead him to a continuous reevaluation of his artistic position. This urge for renewal has in the recent years also brought him to DasArts, where he has initiated some very thought-provoking theatrical experiments that probe the limits of the performing Arts. His interdisciplinary research touched upon – among other things – virtuality, gaming and social-networking.
With a sharp sense of irony and humor he addresses very essential issues of our time – well aware of the fact that we need new forms to reach out and involve the theatrical audience.
In the hope that you might be able to help him in his artistic career
I remain
With my very sincere regards,

Boris Gerrets
Filmmaker, professor dramaturgy


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