jasen boko – to whom it may concern

With this letter I recommend the support and aid regarding the realization of the Montažstroj theatrical group’s newest project. For the past 18 years, Montažstroj has been successful at maintaining the continuity of artistic work on the Croatian and international scene. Since the very beginning, Montažstroj developed a different approach to performing arts, unique in the Croatian context (both in the organizational and artistic sense). Its projects continuously affirm innovative cultural practice, develop new forms of representation and, hence, influence the modern artistic production. Using a subversive approach to theatrical practice, Montažstroj’s projects provoke the participants to actively reflect on the issues being offered, and stimulate discussion. For this reason, the activity of the group, even though it is far from the political theater in the classic sense, is basically socially engaged. The newest project, Timbuktu, is in line with this. Boldly experimenting with the form of performance, Timbuktu addresses the issue of social exclusion, which is on the margins of public discussion and is rarely a subject of art. In that regard, I believe that the experience of this project would significantly improve the public and cultural development of the city.


Jasen Boko,
theater critic and dramaturge


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