two human actors vs. one

I’ll start with what we’ve got – we have a dog on the stage, an actor off stage and approximately fifteen homeless people off stage as well. The question is do we need a second actor in and where do we need him, right?
If you ask me do we need him to tell the story I’d say no. If you ask me do we need him to tell the story better I’d say probably.
Cause we are telling a story, no? In a somewhat specific way. And putting it like a six year old child would – it is a story of friendship and devotion, between a dog and a man. So, there’s two of them… and that’s a part of your answer.
Another thing, if we leave the story thing apart, on the performance level, I think a human body, specifically that of an actor, on stage brings a lot along (I mean in this performance, not necessarily in other ones:)… I love this clash of different presences (something that was your starting point in this project after all) in the holy space of the theater. Yes, I think it is important to feel the difference between the fake (the actor) and the real (the homeless), cause it resembles the way we contrast real and fake elements in the story that Bonesy tells us…
On a third level, having another actor, breaks the harsh monologue structure, creates a rhythm that makes the whole thing more challenging, interesting, engaging…


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