on auditioning dogs

The procedure is quite similar to that of auditioning human performers really, as well as the qualities seeked. The director asks them to perform a task, they show what they can do… and the best one gets the part. Of course, the trick with dogs is, in order to communicate with them, the director needs first to communicate with their trainer. The figure of this intermediary is crucial for a successful collaboration with dogs which are, in their nature, very dependent of humans. But, in exchange they, the dogs, are much more grateful for being part of the project, much more obedient while working on it and rarely have their own ideas of how to improve it. Another bonus, they also rarely think of themselves as artists. Sometimes, a problem can arise, if the human performer is requested to interact with the dog(s). The performer can then feel threatened by the dogs ability to successfully respond to every task posed in front of him, while he himself has troubles in doing so. If this happens the director should carefully approach the performer and explain that the dog is no menace and that it is human to make mistakes.

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