timbuktu performance summary

At first, there is only one dog with small speakers attached to his neck on the stage. The dog is trained not to leave the stage area and reacts to the gestures of a dog trainer in the audience. It “conveys” the story with the help of an actor sitting in the audience, synchronizing the „dog monologue“. As the story continues, the stage is gradually filled with abandoned dogs, taken from a dog shelter for this occasion, and the stage is fenced and turned into a big cage. The dogs are allowed to behave according to their instincts, with the supervision of several volunteers resolving unforeseen situations. All the dogs carry “Adopt me” cardboard signs. The viewers are offered the possibility to adopt abandoned dogs after the performance. At the very end, homeless people enter the audience one by one, and silently stand next to the viewers. Even though they are engaged as extras, their appearance is the culmination of this “documentary” play.


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