theater stage as a cage (steel net)

Bill of quantities – materials needed:

Entry data:

stage width 17 m
stage height 6 m

1. Steel net should be the same dimensions as stage opening adding 1 m on both sides plus 1 meter for the height.

2. Upper and lower steel profile

UPPER PROFILE is main net carrier and is used as the connection inbetween stage fly – pipe, gives the main shape and denies torsion.

Connection between fly pipe and upper profile is done by standard theatre rigging.

UPPER PROFILE is made of connected steel pipes 5cm radius. Connected pipes should be the same length as fly bar (not more than 19 m)

STEEL NET is standard steel (fence) net that is used for dividing adjacent plots. It is flexible and delivered in rolls.

LOWER profile is used as weight and stretches the net, gives the form and denies the contact between the dogs on stage. It can be made of round or square pipes. It has the same length as upper profile and is made out of smaller part because of transportation reasons.

The whole construction is less than 200 kg.


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