timbuktu vs. amerika

Hm, well at first when you mentioned Amerika as a possible alternative title I was a bit suspicious, like “Wtf?! Why dragging this st***d America into everything”… but then as the day passed and I was giving it more and more thought it sounded more and more convincing to name it that. I’m still not 100% sure tough.
I think both names, Amerika and Timbuktu, have their share of privilege in the run for the title, they are both candidates with a strong background, if you know what I mean… naming it Amerika gives a final touch to our idea of establishing Amerika not as just a country, the usual Bush USA, but as The Country or rather The Empire, our spectacular everyday… in opposition to the Land of Unknown, Timbuktu, which also becomes a generic term for Everything-that-is-not-America (or is it the other way around?), for all that is unreachable and beyond our possibilities of understanding and knowledge – dreams and death… I hope this notion of the counter-parted worlds sees tru in the end… Amerika would maybe be a better title cause the performance does tell a story more about Amerika then of Timbuktu, I mean its more about the flaws of this earthly life, the one with both feet firmly on the ground (or like Bonesy would say – with all four :).
Another thing we should not forget is the heaviness Amerika and Timbuktu have in language and culture… I mean, Amerika carries a heavy burden whereas Timbuktu is still quite a clean, pure term with no associations, even kinda mystic. As I got it figured, in English it’s used like we use Zanzibar in Croatian. On the other hand, America always stays the same, be it Amerika or America…


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