mr bones vs. going to the dogs

Of course, of course, of course I know – there were other dogs up here before me too… don’t think I’m not aware of that. I don’t mean literally here, on this specific stage, but elsewhere, on other stages spread around the world. The world is all full of stages, that is a fact. But it is rare to find a dog performing a solo piece, like I am now, for example… In the Netherlands there was, a few years back, a 45 minute show, it was a real play, half drama half comedy, played by six dogs altogether. They were all German shepherds, clear blood, pedigree, all that… not street dogs like myself… but that wasn’t the real thing after all, they were trained, just following instructions some trainer gave them. And, apart from that, they just barked away all the time so no human in the audience could understand them, like you understand me now.


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