on dogs

The distinction between man and animal, the first being defined as a being of culture, the latter as a creature of nature, falls into trouble when a dog comes on stage. Today the dog is an animal which functions on the thin boundary of animal and men… like some mythical being, it is ¾ animal and ¼ human. (In a similar way the show Timbuktu functions as partly a fictional, partly a documentary project… and the responsibility of the final proportion of the one and the other lies mainly in the audience.)
Sharing his living space with the man, the dog becomes contaminated with humanity, he starts resembling the man, eating his food, sleeping in his bed, the dog becomes part of the family.
But the question is – does the dog, by approaching the human, alienate himself from the animal within him? Or is it maybe just the opposite, that he then starts working on merging these two terms.


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