This is a performance that truly starts happening long before its coming to theater and doesn’t end with its leaving the theater. This show started happening when Rox, Floki, Blacky, Leda, Mate, Rex, Miffy, Meli, Bel, Linda I, Linda II and Nera remained without their masters and without their homes…
These twelve dogs are special guest appearances of this show – and although usually they spend their days in the Shelter for Abandoned Animals, during October the stage in Travno will temporarily become their second home… And every night, instead of actors, you will have the opportunity to see them on stage. No, they won’t be acting, they will be just what they are every other given day – homeless dogs, stray dogs in the search for love (and a couple of dog biscuits). And once they will be done with their theatre engagement, you will have the opportunity to take each and every one of them home, to adopt them. Just make sure to let us know after the show. Indeed, if you are that impatient – let us know now!
We hope this show is going to end so that each of these twelve irresistibly charming abandoned dogs finds a new master and a new home (and loads and loads of biscuits). Each of them plus all of the other approximately 150 dogs from the Shelter. Cause, as we all know, a dog alone is no better than a dead dog.


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