‘Dogs act and as pay they ask for a loving home’ by Anamarija Mlačak (24 sata, daily newspaper)

Borut Šeparović directed the play “Timbuktu” in which homeless dogs play. Instead of a fee, they would only like to be accepted into a loving home.

Mr. Bones, the dog, aka Kosta in the domestic version, is all alone after his homeless master Wily G. Christmas dies. His master often talked about Timbuktu, a place where people go after death. Kosta wanted to follow him, but was afraid they might not accept dogs in Timbuktu. This is the beginning of a story by Paul Auster, used by the director, Šeparović, in order to help the dogs from the Dumovec shelter.
– Viewers who adopt dogs will get their ticket money back. I wanted to include real life in the play, real life that goes on even after the curtain is closed – said Šeparović. In the story, Mr. Bones (Kosta) didn’t end happily, but there is still hope for the dogs in Dumovec. Out of 150 abandoned dogs, 12 were chosen to play a role of a lifetime. They only have 11 opportunities by October 19th, which is how long the play will be performed, in order to win over the hearts of the viewers and find a new home. In the play, they play themselves, the playful and mischievous four legged beings. Kosta is played by a trained border collie Cap with small help from Sven Medvešek, who articulates his thoughts.
– This is the most demanding play I ever worked on. Dogs need special attention because they do everything through play – says Šeparović, who wanted to adopt a “homeless dog” himself.
– I gave up the adoption because of my 13-year old Labrador Max, because I don’t know how he would react – said Šeparović. Alongside Sven Medvešek Mario Kovač, Bojan Navojec and Vili Matula are also performing, alternating in interpreting the role of the homeless Willy G. Christmas. The price of tickets is 35 Kuna for children, and 70 Kuna for adults.



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