‘Dogs, professionals and homeless walk the stage’ by Želimir Ciglar (Večernji list, daily newspaper)

dogs, professionals and homeless walk the stage

… Borut Šeparović and his “Montažstroj” fought for their right to tell their story by occupying the stage of the Zagreb Puppet Theater in Travno. “Timbuktu” begins on an empty stage a dog is walking on. The namesake novel by Paul Auster talks of a dog’s life in the richest country in the world. Sven Medvešek lends his voice to a dog named Cap, and together they form the character of Kosta, a dog who stayed without an owner, hoping to meet him again in the other world. Even the smallest children mutely watched and listened to the story up to the soul-stirring entry of 12 dogs from a shelter for abandoned animals. You can see the play only for a few more days…



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