Timbuktu team

concept, direction and choice of music: Borut Šeparović
actor: Sven Medvešek
dramaturgy: Jasna Žmak
novel adaption: Jasna Žmak and Borut Šeparović
the dog (Mr. Bones): Cap
dog trainer: Alen Mareković
stray dogs: Azra, Floki, Blacky, Leda, Mate, Rex, Miffy, Meli, Bel, Linda I, Linda II and Nera
stray dogs casting: Tatjana Zajec
stray dogs guidance: Alen Crncan, Marija Ivšić, Ivan Jurišić, Sandra Krsnik, Maja Orešković Igrić, Silvija Špiljak, Morana Zajec
guest actors: Mario Kovač, Vilim Matula, Bojan Navojec,
homeless guests: Srećko Novak, Renato Vukoja, Vedran Zelko, Radovan Aleksić, Boris Davidović, Zdravko Erdelja, Miljenko Knez, Branimir Kušen, Mate Lukić, Ivan Mašina, Čedo Mileusnić, Jasminka Pandžić, Boris Sorić, Siniša Stećuk, Darko Žnidarec
remote control car drivers: Matijas Behetić, Filip Kovačić Popov, Vedran Štuka, Ivan Živković, Tomislav Živković
guests assistants: Martina Augustinović, Ana Branković, Ivana Nikčević
production, project coordination and public relations: Dinka Bujas
set design: Slaven Delalle
light design: Slaven Delalle and Borut Separovic
sound design: Damir Šimunović
graphic design: Ira Payer
photography: Damir Žižić

timbuktu team

Timbuktu team comprises of one experienced leading actor (Sven Medvešek), one supporting actor (Bojan Navojec or Vili Matula or Mario Kovač), one dog trainer (Alen Mareković), one dog trainee (Cap), several assistants and volunteers, twelve stray dogs and twelve homeless people, not only as extras but as the guest stars of the performance.


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Not all stories have happy endings. There are comedies but there are also tragedies. This is not either one. This is just one quite unusual love story, about the love of a homeless and his dog. And whereas the story itself may not end happily, the show offers a possibility of a completely new happy end – the possibility of adopting a dog.

Paul Auster wrote the novel Timbuktu in 1999. in America. Nine years later Montažstroj performance group is staging it in Croatia, transforming it thus from novel to monologue… a monologue for a dog on stage, spoken by an actor from the audience. Because dogs, at least in this world, can’t speak… yet. Nor in America nor in Croatia. Although maybe they’d like to. The main character of Auster’s novel Mr. Bones would certainly like to do so. That’s his wish #2 (you can only try and guess his wish #1… and, no, it’s not dog biscuits). So, although in the novel his wish stays unfulfilled, in this staging he does speak – indeed in this staging he becomes the main storyteller. Cause, although in Croatia and in America not everything is possible, in theater it most certainly is. Even that the dog speaks…
Mr. Bones speaks to us of his and his masters’ faith. Since his master is not in contact with any human beings, after he leaves this world Mr. Bones remains the only one that can tell us their story.

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